Project Seagull ZERO-E

Actuators: NOVOTECH srl, ITALSYSTEM srl, DH AEROSPACE srl, VAIM srl.

GearUp: technical consultancy and specialist support activities

The SEAGULL ZERO-E project aims to create a zero-emission ultralight aircraft over short-medium distances, through the development, verification and validation of a full-electric propulsion system applied on the Seagull aircraft produced by Novotech (Figure 1 )

Figure 1. Full-electric aeronautical propulsion applied on Seagull aircraft.

The GearUp Team participated in the development of the project (funded by the Campania region under POR FESR), for the creation of a gearbox for the full-electric propulsion of the aircraft, consisting of two PMSM EMRAX 228 LV electric motors coupled in tandem Figure 2. The gearbox for full-electric propulsion was designed and coupled to the electric motors and subsequently installed on the Seagull aircraft in push configuration (Figure 3) The gearbox designed and built for this aeronautical application is capable of transferring a maximum power of approximately 150 kW (@6000 rpm) with 2.2:1 ratio. It was designed applying the High Sliding Gear (HSG) theory, with All-Addendum non-modular tooth profiles giving the gear greater strength and less weight compared to the classic modular design. At the end of the project the prototype was created and subsequently implemented (Figure 4).

Figure 2. Gearbox designed applying the High Sliding Gear (HSG) All-Addendum theory.

Figure 3. Application of the reducer with support structure in the rear compartment of the Seagull aircraft.

Figure 4. Some of the assembly steps of the HSG All-Addendum reducer.


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