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The HSG gearbox with 4 parallel axes, three of which are input and one output, has been designed to manage a total power of approximately 500 kW with an output torque of 4800 Nm and a speed of 1000 rpm.

This unit is designed to be used for hybrid fast boats with two 155 kW electric motors with maximum speed of 7000 rpm and one thermal engine with maximum power of 184 kW with maximum speed of 4100 rpm. The system is compatible with a wide range of electric and thermal input motors, with different propeller coupling systems and with various choices of lubrication system.

Figure 1 HSG gearbox for a hybrid propulsion system for marine application.

Figure.2 Marine HSG reducer with three inputs and 1 output.

Figure.3. (TO THE LEFT) Shaft sprockets with 6.7:1 ratio. (RIGHT) driven wheel with 3.94:1 ratio.

Specification Value
Max. Power Output 500 kW
Input Torque 1 205 Nm
Input Speed 1 6700 rpm
Ratio 1 6.7:1
Center Distance 1 170 mm
Input Torque 2 205 Nm
Input Speed 2 6700 rpm
Ratio 2 6.7:1
Center Distance 2 170 mm
Input Torque 3 420 Nm
Input Speed 3 4100 rpm
Ratio 3 3.94:1
Center Distance 3 185 mm
Output Torque 4800 Nm
Output Speed 1000 rpm
Weight 83 kg
Lubrication Force (separate pump) or splash (wet sump)
Cooling oil
Motor Compatibility (with adaptor) EMRAX, Helix, YASA, Parker
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