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The HSG parallel axis reducer was designed to manage a power of 180 kW with an input torque between 90÷330 Nm and a maximum input speed of 19,000 rpm.

This unit is designed to be highly customizable with different gear ratios at the same wheelbase, compatible with a wide range of input electric motors and with various lubrication system choices.

Figure 1 HSG gearbox for a “Full Electric” propulsion system for aeronautical application.

Specification Value
Max. Power 180 kW
Input torque 330 Nm (to 90 Nm)
Input speed 5200 rpm (to 19.000 rpm)
Output torque 720 Nm
Output speed 2400 rpm
Ratio availability 2.17:1 (to 8:1)
Center distance 150 mm
Weight 30 kg
Lubrication Force (separate pump) or splash (wet sump)
Cooling oil
Motor compatibility (with adaptor) EMRAX, Helix, YASA, Parker
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