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In the context of the growing transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, the design of crucial components such as high gear ratio reducers/multipliers becomes fundamental to maximize efficiency and optimize performance in the wind energy and powertrain sectors and operators.

The application of HSG gears is particularly suitable in the energy sector as the underlying theory allows it to adapt to countless contexts. For example, with HSG gears it is possible to modify the transmission ratio while keeping the center distance unchanged (a solution not feasible in the case of conventional modular gears).

This peculiarity would guarantee an advantage both from a technological and functional point of view, making it flexible in different application contexts.

The implementation of HSG gears in the energy sector, particularly wind power, can lead to significant improvements in terms of reduction in size, weight, costs and greater efficiency, as well as the possibility of adapting to different operating conditions. These benefits contribute to making the transmission systems used in the energy sector more sustainable and efficient.

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