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The HSG parallel axis reducer has been designed to manage a power range between 90÷180 kW with an input torque of 45÷90 Nm and a maximum input speed of 19,000 rpm.

This unit is designed to be highly customizable with different powers and/or transmission ratios at the same wheelbase, compatible with a wide range of input electric motors and with various choices of lubrication system.

Specification Value
Max. Power 90÷180 kW
Input torque 45÷90 Nm
Input speed 19.000 rpm
Output torque 500÷1000 Nm
Output speed 1800 rpm
Ratio availability 10.4:1
Center distance 150 mm
Weight 30÷40 kg
Lubrication Force (separate pump) or splash (wet sump)
Cooling oil
Motor compatibility (with adaptor) EMRAX, Helix, YASA, Parker
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