Gear transmission system for a fully automated carbon fiber filament winding workstation.

Our transmission system has been designed for a fully automated workstation for carbon fiber filament winding. The transmission system ensures high angular precision with almost zero backlash. In Figure 1, the 3D CAD drawing of the transmission system is shown. It consists of six modules perfectly aligned through centering pins. The modules are fastened together using threaded coupling with the interposition of a suitable calibrated spacer. This spacer is an essential element required to ensure zero play between the modules and therefore the elimination of angular error. The system has been manufactured and is currently operational at our customer’s site.

Figure 1: 3D CAD design of the gear transmission for a fully automated workstation.

The transmission system has been designed and built entirely by GearUp to guarantee an angular error of less than 0.015 degrees, which translates to a radial position error at a radius of 0.75 meters of approximately 0.2 mm.

Figure 2: Gear transmission system beafore to installation at the customer’s site.

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